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From the authors you know and trust, Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology uses clear, everyday
language and superior illustrations to provide your students with a solid understanding of the
human body. Combining a student-focused approach, Anatomy and Physiology Online, a wide
range of teaching and learning support, and an attractive price, this exceptional textbook is unmatched by competing books!

A fresh, visual approach
provides students with an
effective tool for exploring
the human body.
  • Dynamic, full-color design
        make information more
       appealing and accessible.
  • More than 550
        photographs and
    depict and
       enhance complex concepts.
  • Unique Clear View of
       the Human Body

       an internal view of male
       and female bodies along
       different planes.
  • A clear, readable
    organization keeps
    students on track.
  • A concise layout
       places text and
       corresponding illustrations
       on the same page, saving
       time in flipping back and
  • The Big Picture provides
       a unique summary that
       encapsulates the essence
       of each chapter.
  • Unique Cycle of Life
    in every chapter
       describes the major
       changes that occur to
       each body system over
       a person's lifetime.
  • Real-life clinical situations
       are introduced at the
       beginning of each chapter,
       with follow-up questions
       at the end.
  • Language of Science
       and Medicine

       include important
       pronunciations, definitions,
       and word parts.
  • Visual organizers such
       as subheadings, summary
       tables, and outlines

       make it easier not only for
       reading but also for raiding
       — allowing students to
        quickly find, or “raid,”
       the information they need at    the moment.
  • Experienced authors know
    how to maximize learning
    in the classroom.
  • Dr. Kevin Patton is former
       president of HAPS and
       teaches at St. Charles
       Community College.
  • Dr. Gary Thibodeau is a
       Professor Emeritus of
       Biology at the University
       of Wisconsin.
  • Dr. Matthew Douglas is
       an active professor at
       Grand Rapids Community
       College and Michigan
       State University.
  • At only $115, this book offers a greater value than other A&P texts!

    Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology
    Kevin T. Patton, PhD; Gary A. Thibodeau, PhD;
    and Mathew M. Douglas, PhD

    February 2011 • Approx. 640 pp., 550 illus.
    ISBN: 978-0-323-05382-2